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Welcome to WallStreetPilot, LLC


Watch the quick 2 minute video below to learn how we help you.


Specializing in the ranking of high quality stocks to maximize your portfolio. Let us do the work for you.



Wouldn’t it be nice to just “copy” the trades of a successful investor?  

Or even have them give you the list of stocks they’re paying close attention to every month?

This is exactly what WallStreetPilot does for you.  

We research the market from all angles (we’ll explain more about our process later), then come up with a list of 15 stocks every month that we’ve determined are likely to perform well.  

We then send these 15 (highly-researched) picks to you.

We don’t speculate.  
We don’t do daily trading.  
We don’t do any short-selling.


All of our research is based on value analysis.  This is much the same way Warren Buffett, George Soros, and investors who’ve been successful for decades research what to buy.  

Here’s exactly how WallStreetPilot works:

Once per month, we post a report.

That report contains the end result of all our research, down to 15 stocks, all of which we recommend considering.  

Being a member of WallStreetPilot is like having a friend who spends all his time researching the market....and you get to hear the end result of that hard work.  

There are two ways to use the monthly newsletter you get from WallStreetPilot:

First Way) Consider buying every pick, every month.  
If you want to exactly emulate the results you see here [see prior results], then you simply buy-and-hold all 15 stocks for the month.    

Every month we send you new picks.....our records show on average we change only 3 of the stocks every month (since we base our picks on fundamentals, not short-term speculation, our picks are usually very stable).  

This makes investing like us very simple and hands-off.

Second Way) Pick-and-choose individual stocks from our list.  
Instead of choosing from thousands of stocks, you can benefit from all our research, and only buy stocks that meet our benchmark.

Since we screen for stocks that we believe have a higher chance of succeeding than the rest of the market, this means most of your research is done for you.  

Easy Investing:
One of the things we pride ourselves on at WallStreetPilot is doing all the work ourselves, then giving you the end result of that hard work.  

Much like a fine automobile or watch, constant monitoring and engineering go into the making of it.....but it’s only important for you to enjoy the end result.  

Value Investing:
We choose not to base our picks on daily movement, speculation, or purely technical factors.  

Trades based on these factors lean more towards gambling than educated picks.  
All of our picks are based on actual business fundamentals, and overall economic conditions.  This is called value investing.  


----------A quick word about value investing:-----------

Investors with the longest track records have historically been ones that value invest.  

This is what Warren Buffett, George Soros and Peter Lynch have used as their foundation throughout their years of being on top of the investing game.  

The reason value investing works is because it selects stocks based on a healthy and growing businesses, rather than tiny market fluctuations.   

Investors who ignore these principles occasionally have a few good years, but this generally changes soon as the economy changes.  

At WallStreetPilot we focus 100% of our time on VALUE INVESTING.


If you’d like to become part of our service, simply signup here.  
You will get the current month’s report and future reports delivered at the beginning of each month. Current stock allocations will be availaible online.

If you’d like to know more about WallStreetPilot, the links below will help:


The WallStreetPilot Team

P.S. If you’d like to get in touch with someone from WallStreetPilot, fill out the form on top of this page, and we’ll personally contact you.  Ask us anything.  

P.P.S. Here are some kind words our members have said about us:

"Well worth the money, incredible value. A month's subscription costs less than one roundtrip trade with my on-line broker."

--Jenny D, Providence, RI


"They way WallStreetPilot screens stocks just makes sense. It's how I've always thought about investments, but I've never been able to go through enough financial statements to make sense of it all. I like how they consider the same information on every stock out there, and then rank them for me."

--Greg P, San Francisco, CA

"Fantastic value. No gimmicks - just solid information."  

--Sean S, Washington, DC

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Extensive back-testing of the WSP strategy demonstrates historical returns that outperform the S&P 500 over a variety of time periods and market conditions.
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Our newsletter provides a monthly top 15 list of US stocks as determined by a comprehensive fundamentals-based platform.


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We are successful investors who have continuously refined our equity selection process through experience, extensive research, and evidence-based strategy development.
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Our Testimonials

"I like that the strategy is back tested, but more important than that, the screening process simply makes sense." 

Lori B, Miami, FL

"Well worth the money, incredible value. A month's subscription costs less than one roundtrip trade with my on-line broker." 

Jenny D, Providence, RI

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